Generation Know: U by Kotex

I am so proud to be a Generation Know Advocate. I have been working with U by Kotex since 2009. U by Kotex provides the ULTIMATE message and community for young girls going through puberty.

The Generation Know Campaign provides support, myth busting facts, and a place for young girls to bond over menstruation questions and stories.

Generation Know makes it easy for girls to feel comfortable when talking about their bodies and empowers young women to be the BEST that we can be.

Generation Know has the same goal that I do, to create social change, to give back, and to motivate and inspire the Millennial Generation.

Generation know has teamed up with the Organization Girls for a Change.

Get With Generation Know*

Girls For A Change (GFC) is proud to enter our fourth year partnering with U by Kotex® to empower girls to advance their vaginal wellness education and create social change in their communities through a program called Generation Know*. Generation Know* will be the first generation of girls with a real understanding of vaginal wellness, the first generation comfortable asking questions and gaining and spreading knowledge – and we need your help to get this movement going! Read more about our partnership by clicking here and visit the U by Kotex® website for ways you and the girls in your life can get involved.

Visit: www.generationknow.com to join the campaign


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