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Fin, The Next Best Thing To An Executive Assistant!

I don’t know about you but on a daily basis I find myself saying, “if only there was more time in the day.” Sound familiar…are you with me? As a business owner I like to run a lean and mean team, which is certainly has its perks, but the downside is that I have to do most of it all on my own.

The sound of a personal assistant has always sounded so glorious, yet I am not looking to commit to a full time hire or fixed cost. So, when I learned about Fin, an new kind of assistant that combines machine learning technology and humans to create a 24/7 service, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out for myself.

I was quick to set up my account as a I had a growing list of to do items that I kept putting off and my calendar was only about to get more busy. As I went to go create my profile I started to think about the amount of time it would take to train a new assistant. I mean there are a lot of details and information needed when someone is completing tasks on your behalf! In that moment, I almost backed out and said to myself, “uh I don’t have time to train someone new.” Yet, the to-do list sitting on desk was staring at me and I had no choice but to figure out how to get it all done.

All it took was one more click for me to see how easy Fin makes the onboarding process, seriously there is no hand holding involved…#Amazing.

Fin gets to know your personal and professional preferences making each task as simple and turn key as possible. Like the best assistant, Fin is intuitive and will learn how to set up and complete unique workflows on your behalf. And, if your schedule changes frequently like mine, you can easily set up a weekly phone sync with your Fin account manager to keep them up to date on your current needs and top priorities.

After inputting all of your preferences you then have the opportunity to securely store information in the “vault” so Fin can safely access things like payment information, user logins, and passwords.

You can use Fin for all sorts of tasks like…

  • Answer phone calls from prospects and vendors – Fin will prioritise calls and transfer over people who are important
  • Coordinate recruiting candidates and interview scheduling – Fin can select the best candidates and schedule interviews for you
  •  Book travel for conferences, client meetings and interviews – Fin remembers your favourite seat when you travel
  •  Find and book service providers to fix things around the office – Fin knows the best service providers in your area
  • Provide assistance for your entire team so they can stay focused – Fin knows when your children’s next soccer practice will be
  • Schedule meetings with coworkers or clients – Fin will help you stay organised
  • And lots of other administrative of tasks

After I synced Fin with my Google calendar I was off to the races!

Personally, I couldn’t wait for Fin to help me with both personal and professional tasks. I am guilty of prioritizing work first and putting things like doctors appointments, the gym, and booking travel on the back burner.

So, the first few tasks I asked for my Fin assistant to do was to schedule a dentist cleaning, to research and book flights for an upcoming trip, and to purchase a package of 10 yoga classes and schedule all 10 classes in my calendar.

Within minutes of uploading my tasks to my profile I got a text message from my Fin account manager introducing herself. I LOVE that you can communicate with you Fin via text as well as email.

Within 3 days of uploading all my tasks Fin completed every ask exactly how I wanted. Fin uses machine learning technology to process speed and quality and leverages their highly trained operations team to make sure each task is done properly, every time. My absolute biggest pet peeve is finding and booking flights and I have to say, booking travel with Fin was just as easy if not easier than booking flights with an actual travel agent. I could not believe how painless and easy Fin made the experience.

Fin has allowed me to do more things for me all while keeping me organized with their daily and weekly executive summary emails.

And I have great news, if you use the link here Fin is hooking up my community with a complimentary $60 credit that also waives their normal monthly minimum to try the service out for free! You only have to pay for the tasks Fin completes. Fin scales up or down based on your needs so you get a team of high quality assistants for less than the cost of a full-time hire and get to keep your overhead low.

There is no way cost can sneak up on you as Fin outlines their rates per service so that you can budget accordingly.

I love that Fin truly allowed for me to enhance my productivity and focus on more important tasks all while giving me time back in my day to day. In just one week I believe my Fin assistant saved me between 5 and 6 hours of extra work. And, you can save up to 10 plus hours per week on Fin if you really take advantage of all that they have to offer. Don’t believe me? Sign-up for a Demo here.

There is no denying that learning how to delegate effectively allows you to free up time to do more of the important tasks to grow your business – which is the total perk of hiring Fin.

The piece of mind that comes along with creating an account is priceless and couldn’t be more excited and grateful to know that I have the ability to activate my Fin assistant whenever I need.

Ready to explore all the ways that Fin can save you time and help you become more productive? Check out the website here:

*This post is sponsored by Fin, however all thoughts and opinions are completely my own*


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