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Essentials for Career Growth: Awareness and Openness

As Millennials, we all feel it; that hunger for success, thirst for learning, and desire for growth. In order to best prepare yourself to move forward with your career and progress toward your short and long-term goals, there are two essentials elements to focus on. Awareness and openness will take you far as a young professional. Keeping your eyes and mind open will increase your growth trajectory in more ways than one. Why these elements? Read on to best utilize your potential for career growth.


Utilizing your awareness to better impact your career is a two-fold idea. First, it is important to be aware of what opportunities exist in your current role. Whether or not your first job is your dream job, there is always a way to improve the business and make your mark.  Being aware of opportunities to accept a new project, propose a team-based change, or lead an update in the organization’s strategy are all examples of ways to make an impact with the role you currently inhabit. Even if your first job isn’t your ideal, you can take advantage of the room for change within that role. The more you can give in this role, the better your next role can be. To earn your progression and desired career changes, you must exhibit the skills necessary to do so. Awareness of the ways in which you can do that in your current role is step one to moving forward.

Next, is it important to evaluate exactly when you want to make a career change, and be aware of what the best opportunity for you actually is. Get to know your work style; what makes you tick? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? Are there certain projects that get you truly motivated? Be aware of what works well with you and your work style, and aim for these elements in your next role. Understand what you bring to the table, and be aware of what skillset and business area you can fill. On top of this, be aware of all available opportunities. Scan job boards and external postings. Maintaining an awareness of the job world beyond your current role keeps you up-to-date, knowledgeable, and prepared for a change when the right time comes.


Directly tied to the awareness piece, openness is the second essential element for growth. Be open to new opportunities within your current role. Shine. Take on new projects. See your potential, and see how performing to your best ability now helps you in the long run. Also, be open to new opportunities. Your right time to make a change is not going to be the same as someone else’s. Being open to a career move, industry change, or role update, is important for growth.

As a whole, the ability to understand your skillset, maintain an openness to growing that, and being aware of opportunities, now and in the future, are the ingredients to Millennial success. You are a valuable asset in the workplace, and can only increase your value by remembering, and focusing on, the essentials for growth.

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