enjoy the experience

Enjoy the Experience; Achieve the Outcome

enjoy the experience

When you think of some of the most successful people in the world, what qualities do they embody? Unwavering passion, open-mindedness, forward-looking, discipline, adaptability, and competitiveness all come to mind. Actually, some of the world’s most successful people are ultra-competitive and hate to lose. This mentality can get you incredibly far, but it can also make you overthink and get stuck in a negative headspace.

As millennials, we’re at our best when we’re in a positive, supportive environment where our ideas can flourish, we can grow together, and we can feel like a part of something greater than ourselves. It’s no secret that millennials desire more than climbing the corporate ladder and traditional definitions of success. For the most aspirational generation in history, however, the line between making your dreams a reality has never been so fine.

So we’re faced with this dilemma of achieving our fullest potential, while still enjoying all the other facets of our life. Additionally, the as you climb the ladder of your aspirations, you’ll likely find yourself in the same rooms as people who are equally smart and ambitious. How do you achieve both success and happiness? Let go of the outcome and focus on the experience.

So how do we accomplish this?

1. Accept that there is the probability of failure. Every time you reach for your star, there’s the possibility of not getting there, for a multitude of reasons. But that’s the difference between those who make something of their lives and those who settle for average.

2. Feel out the room you’re in. Is this a competitive or cooperative setting? It’s long been stated that you are the average of your five closest friends. Are you in the same room as people as equally ambitious or as smart as you? If you are, and it’s a cooperative setting, you’re in the right room and your odds of success have increased. If it’s a competitive setting, you’re in the right room but there is a higher probability of failure.

3. Focus on what makes you stand out. You don’t have to be the best; you just have to be different. Give people that lasting impression of the value you and only you can offer. If you pair that with an uplifting attitude, you can leave an impression worth remembering.

4. Take the opportunity to learn and grow. Successful and happy people take each encounter as an opportunity to learn from others. We are the sum of our experiences, and each one builds upon another. With every door that closes, another opens. If you hustled to the point where you put yourself in this desirable position, you can do so again.

A funny thing happens when you live life to the fullest, proceed with purpose, and savor each and every moment. You’re more likely to achieve the outcome you have in mind. Give it a shot! Rock on.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Experience; Achieve the Outcome

  1. Mark, I love that you brought up the 5 closest friends discussion. I had always heard that but never applied the competitive/cooperative discussion too it.

    I feel like there’s one more facet to being successful (at least one more I’m focusing on): HUSTLE. It’s amazing how perseverance can help you stand out from the crowd and accomplish your goals.

    On the other hand, a lack of hustle will destroy even the greatest network of connections or best social connections.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. Kevin, great point and thanks for the kind words. Hustle is so important in today’s work environment, whether or not you’re an entrepreneur. Sustained hustle, however, is the most difficult thing to achieve. It’s about finding the balance between simultaneously running a sprint and a marathon, without burning out. I’ve yet to find this point but am trying every day! Keep in touch -Mark.

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