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DIY In The Millennial Age

The millennial generation have grown up in an evolving digital world, with innovative new tech and gadgets appearing in the news and eventually our homes on what feels like a daily basis. With the rise of smartphones and high speed internet, millennials are in a constantly connected world, and are arguably more comfortable with this new status quo than any other generation. They’ve grown up with it, after all!

But has this millennial propensity for technology come at the expense of other important life skills? In 2015, UK DIY store Homebase was forced to close a quarter of its stores due to falling profits. Its directors placed the blame on millennials, calling them a “generation less skilled in DIY projects.” Meanwhile, other research has supported this idea that millennials are unable to carry out the most basic DIY jobs, with 1 in 8 at a loss as to how to change a light bulb, and over half flummoxed by the task of putting up wallpaper.

So, just how true are these claims? Are millennials doomed to a life of hiring handymen to help them hang a picture or fix a toilet seat? Or is there perhaps more to the story?

We’ve scrutinized the data to find out what’s really going on. See the infographic below to find out the truth about DIY in the Millennial age.

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Becca Armstrong-Benson is a content writer at Saxton Blades, a UK supplier of multi tool blades and accessories.

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