How To Create An Entrepreneurial Culture In Any Workplace

Tuesday, August 15th  at 8 PM ET, we are talking about “How To Create An Entrepreneurial Culture In Any Workplace” with Vanessa Shaw @humansideoftech on #MillennialTalk Chat.

Vanessa Shaw is the founder of Human Side of Tech, a  company based on helping organizations facilitate better workplace experiences through developing teams and talent for the technology sector.

Vanessa is also the creator and founder of Culture Week, a collection of events where you can create a community with other culture geeks, get culture building skills and learn how to design culture-first companies. Culture Week is in San Francisco August 14-17th and partnered with Culture Summit, a cross-functional and cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders, and culture champions to share actionable culture solutions for companies from startup to scale.  Our speakers and workshops empower you with the data, strategies, and practices that drive actual results.  If you are tired of hearing about perks and want to learn how to build strategic initiatives and programs that get results, this is the place for you.

Talking Points:

  • How to support entrepreneurial interests at work 
  • Ways to present new ideas to your boss
  • Why employees might be disengaged
  • How to promote healthy competition in the workplace 
  • Tips for improving technology in the workplace

If you are new to Twitter Chats and not sure how to join in, simply log into Tweetchat.com and use the hashtag #MillennialTalk. You can then follow the flow of the conversation. Tweet me @ChelseaKrost with any questions about our chat or leave your comments below!

Looking forward to chatting with you Tuesday, August 15th at 8 pm EST about “How To Create An Entrepreneurial Culture In Any Workplace”.


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