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Covid-19 Unemployment Crisis: Tech Skills You Need To Meet Employers’ Requirements

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Since companies started to hire remote workers, the need for learning new tech skills increased. Due to the Covid-19 unemployment crisis, many enrolled in coding bootcamps to remain competitive and survive. Identifying what skills you need can be a struggle. The competition has become tougher, and the tech market keeps growing and growing.

In April 2020, the US unemployment rate increased to 14.7 percent. However, it only made the digital transition to go faster. Customers started to use websites to buy groceries and essential supplies. It was a pleasant experience for some people as they could enjoy time with their family members; but for others, it wasn’t that great.

Dealing with the expenses put them in a stressful situation that few know how to handle. If you lost your job because of Covid-19, and you’re trying to meet employers’ demands, here are some tech skills that will help you thrive.

Machine Learning

Many leading industries are using machine learning to improve their processes and provide more personalized experiences. As they can engage customers, they can improve their strategies to remain at the top of the competition. Machine learning algorithms are being used not only to increase sales but also to help doctors save human lives. In fact, AI-powered robots are being used in the healthcare industry to implement better practices.

Learning how to code machine learning algorithms will make you an attractive aspirant for every employer. Nowadays, data scientists, web developers, and even QA engineers are using machine learning. They cannot only analyze and gather data more efficiently but also automate everyday tasks to make them less time-consuming. So, they can be more productive and focus on what’s important.

The best way to learn machine learning skills is by learning Python. As it’s a beginner-friendly programming tool, you won’t struggle during the learning process. It has a big community with different kinds of Python developers who are always willing to help anytime you need it. In that case, dealing with challenges during projects won’t be a nightmare.

You can indeed learn Python by watching videos or by taking free courses. But, if you really are looking to learn from the best, you should enroll in Galvanize’s coding bootcamp. The company offers a course with a Python-based curriculum that’ll allow you to increase your opportunities. 

During the program, you will learn not only machine learning skills but also statistical analysis and data visualization. You will master every tool required to land a job as a data scientist, and the bills will no longer trouble you.


Since providing a great UI and UX is essential to attract customers, more employers are looking for candidates with JavaScript skills. JavaScript developers can provide the most immersive experiences for customers. By using frameworks, they can focus on the experience design instead of coding.

Also, as it can be used for front and back end development, it’s the right tool for full stack developers. A JavaScript developer can make, on average, $117,000 per year in the US. Given that, learning JavaScript will help you not only to impress employers but to change your lifestyle.

Many hesitate about making a career change but remember that it’s always the right time to try new things. As the tech industry will continue to evolve, learning coding skills will help you prepare not only for meeting employers’ demands but also for coming challenges.

If you’re looking for online courses because of the coronavirus lockdown, Springboard’s coding bootcamp is the right fit for you. As the company allows you to learn from home, you can get skilled in only six months. At Springboard, you’ll master not only JavaScript but other in-demand programming languages to stand out from the competition. 


Data has become very valuable for organizations. Companies use it not only to improve their products but to identify what customers demand. By gathering data, companies can make smart moves to stay relevant and achieve their goals. However, data is nothing if it’s not well organized.

Tech professionals with SQL skills are capable of improving data management strategies in any organization. As they can deal with large pools of data and combine information from different sources, they have become indispensable for companies.

By learning SQL, you’ll increase not only your job opportunities but your chances of getting hired. Tech professionals like database administrators, cybersecurity experts, and data scientists, use SQL to deal with their everyday work duties. As they can implement best practices and provide better results, companies can increase their productivity and reduce costs.

No matter if you live in Seattle or Miami, if you seek to learn SQL, Thinkful its the right place to do it. As you can learn from industry-experienced professionals, you’ll develop your SQL skills since day one. And if your financial situation is a barrier to pay for education, you can apply for discounts or sign an income-sharing agreement. At Thinkful, learning is what matters, and the company will help you stay focused during the process. 

Amazon Web Services 

Companies are indeed concerned about data and how to manage it. But, they are more concerned about how to store information. A few years ago, using a physical database was common practice. However, thanks to cloud services, they are no longer necessary.

Amazon is the leading company in cloud services, and if you want to meet employers’ requirements, you should learn AWS skills. By using AWS, companies can enjoy security and accessibility. As everything’s stored in the cloud, they can have access anywhere. They just need an Internet connection.

Also, Amazon provides cloud customers with fantastic features they can use to interpret and analyze data. In other words, by using Amazon’s services, companies can create better insights and innovate. World-class companies like Netflix and Facebook are already using AWS to take a step into the future of data storage. 


During the learning process, patience and discipline are crucial to success. They will help you not only to remain on the right path but to achieve your goals. If you’re looking to face unemployment and change your way of life, learning these skills is the best way to do it.  

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Artur is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech. You can connect with Artur on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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