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In an individualistic society, it can be quite challenging to reframe our mindsets when it comes to achieving success. As a millennial, we have grown up in times where competition can be considered fierce. Achieve more, study harder, perform better, work quicker.

Some of us may have graduated with diplomas in our hands to discover that the job market has shrunk and career opportunities were fewer. In these instances, we may have learned to only consistently work on bettering ourselves and our singular efforts in order to achieve our goals (there are how many other applicants interviewing for this position?). What we may have been missing was the idea that if we stop focusing on just ourselves and switch our focus to those of others, the benefits are astounding.

In Bob Burg and John David Mann’s book, The Go-Giver – a character is portrayed who is recognized as a ‘connector’ in life. Expanding on this concept, this is the type of individual in life that bridges their network with one another (even if it’s Joe who lives down the street with Sally who was your elementary school teacher from another state – two potentially un-parallel lives).

A connector is the type of person that recognizes talents, attributes, skills and abilities of their network. If one person in their network is in need of a babysitter, they know the best candidate for them to call. If another person is in need of stand-up comedian for their father’s 50th Birthday, this individual has a direct contact. If someone in their network is in the midst of a job search, this individual knows of a trusted colleague who is hiring. Interconnecting their network in order to benefit the lives of the people that they respect, trust, and/or love. As a millennial navigating real life, becoming a connector in your network/life can reap surprising returns.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Life Becomes Less About Competition

Because who wants to take on the leap into the real world by baring gritted teeth at one another? No more scrolling through your social media feed longing to have what someone else does – you are other there making it happen for not just yourself, but those around you. You can expand your network to those you once viewed as competition – these people are now your allies, people that you can connect with others you know.

Looking out for one another makes life seem less scary, and our generation can take one another to soaring heights as the years progress. Entrepreneurs, students, parents, siblings, partners – our generation is an enigma that no one can quite pinpoint because we tend to stray from the  “traditional” path. By connecting with one another we can generate a serious output of new business ideas, non-profits, novel ideas, and beyond.

  1. A Feeling of Happiness Multiplies

You know that feeling of seeing someone smile after they open your gift? Or that warm, fuzzy sensation after receiving a bear hug? Imagine feeling those types of sensations all the time. When you connect people within your network, you get to witness the bliss that occurs between others.

One of my all time favorite things to do is to observe those that are waiting at the airport for their loved ones to arrive (picture the first rolling scenes in the movie Love Actually) – the longing embraces, innocent kisses, and illumination in their eyes when they get to finally lock on one another for the first time in who knows how long is stunning.

You could be the connector that creates that powerful feeling for those around you. Allowing someone you know to receive a job they are in love with, collaborating people together for an amazing artistic vision to come to life, or pairing both sides of your family together for unforgettable vacations that create everlasting memories.

  1. The Gratitude Perpetuates

By connecting your network, you will become remembered as the person who made it possible. Connecting is contagious – when a new opportunity arises for someone in your network, you better believe you will be one of the first people on their list to contact.

The gratitude that someone feels after you connect them with a favorable circumstance will continue to perpetuate because you put their interests first. You helped assist them in their journey to reach their successes. Who knows, you may inspire another person to become a connector within their life as well. An ever-growing expansion of those connecting with one another in life.

Connecting those around you creates a never-ending network of resources, mentors, and friendships. When you connect one person to another, you may find that your network expands beyond what you ever could imagine. There is no need to feel that you must navigate life independently. After all, we are a strong generation at the cusp of brilliance each and every day – supporting one another allows for those brilliant & breakthrough ideas to come to life. Become a connector, and watch our generation’s strength come to life.

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