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Clever Clothing Hacks That Save You Money on Your Wardrobe

Buying new clothes every season or even every year is not an option for everyone. It’s expensive, and oftentimes a waste of money if you follow all of the newest trends – which are usually in, then out before you even know it.

According to one survey, people spend over $1,600 on clothing annually in an attempt to keep up with what’s in and have versatility in their wardrobes.

Stop throwing away money on your wardrobe by using these clever clothing hacks.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

You can pretty much apply this to everything in life, including your wardrobe. While it may seem silly to purchase expensive items of clothing, it’s not because it lasts – so it’s worth it. This doesn’t mean everything you buy should have a hefty price tag, but this rule is great for your basics.

Invest in staple wardrobe pieces like a great pair of jeans – you know you’ll wear them a ton, and they can also last for years if you take care of them. Get yourself a nice pair of boots, a good suit, leather jacket, black handbag – you get the picture. Get more bang for your buck, and splurge on a nice winter jacket that could last for years. If you cut corners with the cheap one, you’ll likely have to replace it after a year.

Shop Out of Season

Your favorite stores usually receive new shipments every couple of weeks or so. This means they’re constantly turning over merchandise and marking things down to make room for the newest styles. This is prime time for you to shop because you can find things at a great discount.

If you see something new that has just hit the floor, wait a few weeks because it’s undoubtedly marked up when it first becomes available. Need new bathing suits? Schedule a shopping trip during the later part of summer when stores start to mark them down.

Mix and Match Seasonal Pieces

Get the most out of your wardrobe if you mix and match different seasonal pieces. This will also help to transition you from season to season. Keep out your favorite pieces of clothing year round, like jean jackets, over-the-knee boots, classic skirts and more. Know what you have in your closet, and find new ways to wear things. This will continue to shake things up if you ever feel bored with what you already have.

Skinny jeans are a great example because they can be dressed up or down. In the summer, pair them with a cute sandal and flowy top. In the winter, pair them with a leather boot and oversized sweater. Have a floral dress you love that you usually wear in the summertime? Don’t say goodbye to it just because fall arrives. You can easily wear your favorite clothing pieces by layering them! For example, wear a turtleneck underneath your dress with tights and boots to make your dress work during cooler seasons.

Take Advantage of Sale Racks

The back of a store is your best friend because it’s the place where some of the best deals hide. Always check out sale racks and clearance sections for great finds. It may take some digging, but sale shopping can be fun, especially if you’re just looking to add a few new basic pieces to mix up your current wardrobe.

Take Proper Care of Your Clothes

Your mom separated laundry into whites and darks for a reason – to take good care of your family’s clothes, and ultimately make them last longer. Pay attention to care tags on your clothes – they’re there for a reason. If you ignore them, you risk damaging your clothes – shrinking, discoloring, tearing, etc. No one wants to shrink their favorite sweater or new pair of blue jeans.

Buy Things That Mix Well

When you find something you like, ask yourself if you have other pieces you can wear it with. If not, don’t get it. It will likely sit in your closet and become a waste of money. Think of your outfit options – will this potential piece go with at least three to five items already in your wardrobe? This also applies to patterns as well, since they can be difficult to match. That’s why neutrals are always a great way to go.

Stick to Classic Pieces

Don’t jump on every trend train just because it’s what’s in style – especially if you don’t particularly like it. New trends have a pretty short shelf life and cost more because of their popularity. You’re better off if you stick to classic and timeless pieces like blue jeans, basic shirts in neutral colors, pencil skirts, etc. These items will always be in style and can be paired with many different looks.


Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, you likely spend too much money on your wardrobe without even realizing it. Constantly reinvent your wardrobe, and save money in the process by using the above clever clothing hacks. Take advantage of sale racks, splurge on quality staple items you can use for years and don’t fall for every trend that comes your way. Your wardrobe is what you make it.



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