Breaking your Cell Phone Addiction (and Letting the Universe Do Some of your Work)

Cell Phones

Cell phones are meant to connect us, and that’s exactly what they do when used properly. But many of us have fallen trap to cell phone addiction – the constant need to refresh emails and check social media. When there are brief moments of silence, we reach for our devices rather than embrace the peace. But we need those quiet moments to feel sane and gain clarity.

Below I have identified a few things that trigger over use of cell phones, so that you can break your addictive patterns, increase quiet moments throughout your day, and improve your attention and focus by removing one of the biggest distractions (unnecessary cell phone checks!)

Leave your cell in the glove compartment during meetings.

If your best friend got anxious every time they left the house without a beer, wouldn’t you be concerned? Physically separating yourself from your cell phone at least once a day helps you to release that airtight grasp you hold on your life and business. If you need the calendar to schedule another meeting, tell them you forgot your phone in the car and run to get it (or, check your availability before the meeting and write down 3 options so you’re prepared to schedule on the spot).

Put your purse or briefcase out of reach while driving.

In case of emergency, you can stop your car to get it. By putting your cell out of reach, you’re focused on driving or enjoying your music, and not tempted to check for texts or new emails while in traffic or at a stoplight.

Break out the alarm clock (Sleep with your phone in another room).

Not only do energy currents from your cell phone affect your sleep patterns, but you also give yourself a subconscious message that some sort of emergency might happen that you need to stay on high alert for. Put that fear in another room and sleep tight tonight! Plus, it will keep you from checking Facebook first thing in the morning – when has that ever lead to immediate productivity?

Bonus tip: Turn an automatic “Do Not Disturb” timer on your phone, and set important people, like your spouse, as a “favorite” to ensure if an emergency does occur, their call can get through.

Let the Universe do its job.

Whether it’s the gods of entrepreneurship or Universal Law, we often squeeze our work and life so tight that even the Universe can’t get a coin in. At the end of the workday choose not to check email or social media until morning, and state the below affirmation to embrace the gifts the Universe has been waiting to give you.

I am so grateful for the vision and attention I have given to my work today. May the powers at will now put their eyes upon my work and help it grow even more than I can.

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Amanda helps women in their teens, 20s and 30s to discover their unique message, and empowers them to build businesses and start movements that make a positive impact on the world. Her Ageless Coaching programs help young people to find meaning in their circumstance and to use exactly what they have to make a difference in the world. Amanda is a certified Dream Builder Coach through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute and a Parent Coach through Gloria DeGaetano’s Parent Coaching Institute.

2 thoughts on “Breaking your Cell Phone Addiction (and Letting the Universe Do Some of your Work)

  1. Avatar Lora says:

    Such a good post! We rely so much on cell phones, it can be scary! I always sleep with an alarm clock (and leave my phone in the kitchen), but need to work on leaving my phone behind more often! I love yoga classes for that very reason–no phone in the yoga room! 😀

    1. Yes! I love that note – attend a class or course that REQUIRES you to leave your cell behind. That helps me daily! Thanks for reading, Lora!

      Xo Amanda

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