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Baaz: A Fresh Perspective on Social Media Engagement

The more you learn about social media engagement and how important it is to keep up with the different platforms, the more it starts to feel like it could be a full-time job. But social media and engaging with your followers is crucial. And jumping in head first without the right knowledge could leave you and your social media platforms with quite a mess.

With the continuing evolution of social media engagement and many social platforms to keep up with, it really can be time consuming to check in with each of those platforms one at a time, read up on what others are posting, and know that the content you are posting is not only real content, but also that the content that will get the most engagement out of your audience. Because, as we all know, we are not just throwing up words and photos because it is fun – we are trying to build relationships through these platforms – which takes dedication!

By now, I am sure that you know there are MANY different tools and apps out there to help keep up with the various social media platforms and engagement on each of them – but none of the options out there have come close to offering what they do. Each platform has its own “special” thing, but making each one work the way you want it to can sometimes be more work than it’s worth. That is where Baaz comes in with a completely fresh perspective on social media engagement.

For many, social media is a small crowded room, jam-packed with so much information that it is overwhelming to find what they need. By setting users up to connect 150 social media platforms into one newsfeed, the Baazline. Now, you can see what your networks across Facebook, Twitter, blogs and many other platforms are saying, in one convenient place, organized by time, so that you are up-to-date and can engage with them without toggling between apps.

Baaz acts like a double-sided megaphone, providing your networks with the most up-to-date trending news, by letting you distill the top trending news stories and then easily sharing those news stories with your followers across hundreds of social media channels, to help you grow your network. And to take the uniqueness of this platform just a bit further, Baaz doesn’t bias filter or prioritize news to get more clicks. They take a purist approach, providing the true trending stories, which are aggregated from thousands of sources, with the three top sources listed, to give multiple angles on each popular news story so that you have choice on what you share with your network – and you can see the whole side to a story.

Baaz can make us smarter as readers. And when we think about engaging our network on social media, our top priority should be how we are using networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to build a great experience for our network.

With an out-of-the-box and fresh outlook on social media, Baaz lets users see the entire news landscape clearly, distill information quickly and then amplify the most relevant news across their social platforms with a single click. Baaz is the first news-focused social media platform that gives users the tools they need to mindfully discover the world and better engage their local and global communities.

Ready to try the go-to platform for viewing unfiltered, trending news and empowering user-built communities with the full-picture of what’s happening in the world? You can download Baaz on your mobile device, tablet and laptop.


*All opinions are my own. This post was sponsored by Baaz.*

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