About Alyssa Windell

Alyssa graduated from Oregon State University and dove right into starting her career path. After recognizing that post-graduate life can be difficult to navigate, she began further educating herself on one of the most 'taboo' spoken of topics: finances. From there, the #GenerationYRA blog was born: a Millennial's Guide on how to Secure a Financial Present and Future. Since personal finance can be difficult and not always the most fun, her goal is to provide quick lessons, personal experiences, and a dash of quirkiness in her blog to allow millennials to feel empowered by their finances. Allow Alyssa to do the work for you and strengthen your financial game plan by reading her posts each week. Visit her Generation YRA blog at www.ynotinvestnow.wordpress.com and follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @lyssawindell. She would absolutely love to connect with you.

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Investments That Are Not Just Money Related

Real estate, 401(k), stocks, bonds, IRAs, business...these are all types of money investments that you may hear about day in and day out. But what about the other types of investments? The intangible ones? The following categories are things we do not always typically associate with investing. I am...

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