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The APP That Will Organize Your Personal Finances In A CINCH!


As a business owner and money consciences Millennial, I am always on the lookout for the right money management tools to simplify it all.  I can’t help but feel that there are many financial management tools out there, but not one that really feels like my personal financial agent. Let’s be honest, unless you were a finance major we all graduated college and entered, “the real world” with little financial education. It drives me crazy that it isn’t mandatory today to take a money management course in high school or college. But, I’ll save that rant for another time! 

Although Millennials have been labeled as materialistic, spoiled and entitled, many millennials feel that we won’t able to achieve goals like starting our own business, buying a house or having the means to travel and experience what the World has to offer. Paying off student loan debt has become increasingly difficult for many who are struggling with unemployment and low-paying jobs. The recession left over 15% of millennials in their early twenties out of work, many of whom are still struggling to get their feet on the ground. Now more than ever we need to learn how to manage our money, spend wisely, and how to rid ourselves of student loan or credit card debt. 

Millennials are used to creating, receiving, sharing, and managing everything digitally and seamlessly today, even when it comes to money! Millennials spend their money in a way that reflects the increasingly digital, social, and cashless world and it would be great to have a tool that could act as a personal CFO. Well, I think I finally found the closest thing to it.

Cinch, which will launch later this year, offers a service to comprehensively optimize your everyday financial life – from the big stuff like credit card debt all the way down to analyzing your cash flow to find a few extra dollars to tuck away in your rainy day fund. I’ve had a chance to speak with some of the folks from the team at Cinch, and they are on a quest to become the first totally independent, unbiased, personal financial manager. Unlike many other budgeting tools, they start with your biggest money moments and incorporate behavioral economics to discern strategies and guidance that are custom tailored to you and the way you live. Cinch believes that there is more to your financial life than forcing you to cut out Starbucks lattes – as if that’s the key to paying off your student loan debt! Best of all, because Cinch is choosing to serve as your fiduciary, it means they are totally unbiased when it comes to the products and advice they recommend. And in order to be that way, they’ve had to go out and curate the entire financial product marketplace to make sure every possible option has been considered in the context of you specific financial situation. For once, you can be confident that you’re seeing the best recommendation for you – not the credit card that pays the most money to be advertised to you. Cinch is designed to improve your financial health, simplify money management, help you shave off your debt, save you time, and continuously will monitor and optimize your spending behavior. For those of you like me, pressed for time, bombarded by purchasing decisions and don’t always feel equipped to make the smartest decisions, Cinch could be the solution you have been waiting for. Cinch prides itself on not just being another personal finance company, but a personal life enabler. 

Sound too good to be true? Check out this quick clip of Cinch in action.

Finally, as an exclusive offer to my readers, Cinch will provide access to their tool free of charge, FOREVER, to those who secure their spot from this post. Click here to secure your lifetime access!

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