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Advice from a Millennial: Less is More

Advice to brands from a millennial

I need to start out this post with a small “disclaimer”. I have never started my own business, held a C-suite position, or even received a college degree for that matter. I am a 23-year-old millennial. Even though, I have no experience running a department, or a company as a whole, I feel that corporate management could learn a thing or two from my generation. Like I have said previously, social media is intertwined into every fiber of our being, it is our blood, and it provides us with just enough sustenance to get us through the day to day grind.

Have any of you hear that less is more? This semester, I am taking a newswriting class. Individuals do not have time to read a super long intro to a story, so you need to get to the point quick.

This less is more advice can also be applied to using social media to further a company’s image. Mid-level managers and other corporate executives are “fairly new” to the social media arena. It is foreign to them. They are trying to keep up with all the constant changes and trying to understand how it can help them further their business objectives. As new social media sites appear daily, management often feels pressured into have a presence on every single one of them, in order to stay competitive. I am here to tell those who may feel that way that they need to reconsider.

Although establishing a presence on social media is important, it is equally, if not more important, to have a clear understanding of what your organization’s purpose is for using a particular site. Corporate executives need to understand that each social media network has different demographics. Those who are on Facebook may not be on Twitter and those who are Instagram may not necessarily be on Pinterest.

Before starting a page or profile for an organization on social media, the company should first ask themselves, “Who is it that we are trying to target?” Once there is a clear understanding of who it is that needs to be targeted, they can then begin to choose your social media site accordingly.

Social media is much more than just auto-scheduling updates; it is about creating deep and engaging conversations. It seems that companies with specific teams dedicated to monitoring their social media channels struggle with the volume of tweets, posts, emails, comments, that come in each day.

Before adding another social media channel to the mix, they should ask themselves, “Does our company have enough bandwidth? Will _______allow us to better connect with our audiences? How so?”

Fellow presidents, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, and all other corporate executives out there, keep it simple. Social media can be either a blessing or a burden. Don’t create social media accounts just to create them. Create them with meaning, with purpose.

Always remember that less, is actually more.



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