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7 Steps I Took to Pivot My business During Covid-19

Pivot your business

The word ‘pivot’ is in overuse right now, but necessary. Whenever drastic worldwide changes ensue, you can either choose to adapt or to fall behind. My pre-covid-19 reality entailed gallivanting around the world from city to city putting on life-changing workshops.

This now doesn’t exist.

I realized pretty quickly that I would need to change things up. 92.47% of my previous income was earned through live in-person 1 or more day workshops. Barely anything I offered online was a major contributor to my income.

I was able to turn this around in a matter of months. I returned home from Mumbai, India on March 3rd after being on tour in 4 continents and 7 cities and got to work. I looked at all the revenue streams I had available and started asking myself questions about how these could be transformed into online versions. I the majority of classes and workshops I facilitate had the ability to be taught online with minor tweaks.

I cleared my previous agenda and started to look at how I could build a new strategy. I knew working online meant people needed more visibility and introduction to me (which was the last thing I felt like doing while in lockdown on a small island – New Zealand).


Here are 7 ways I changed my business for the better and was able to bounce back my income within 3 months:


  1. Clear your schedule

I deleted my entire schedule that I had planned for my live-workshop based business. I knew some of what I offered could still work but I needed to start fresh. The question I asked myself was: What pieces do I want to recreate and what new possibilities am I aware of? This allowed me to start with a fresh perspective and focus on what would work instead of trying to ‘save’ my year.


  1. Commitment

Committing to my business and to change whatever was necessary allowed me to be analytic and make choices quicker. When you aren’t committed to what you’re doing, you will constantly battle indecision. I know I make my best choices when I’m willing to go for it, and see what happens. Some of what I did during this time flopped, but I had more success than failure because I kept making new choices.


  1. Change your offers and match the current tone

Your audience is incredibly sensitive right now. How can you cater to this new tone in your industry? Sensitive industry leaders are able to speak to what is going on today, give their followers a voice and show them a different perspective. Speak to what is going on for you personally and also what is going on in the world. You don’t need to get political, but do get personal (and stop saying “we’re all in this together”).


  1. Get Visible

Being at home did not make me feel glamorous and like I wanted to share my life on social media. In fact, most of what I shared pre-Covid-19 was entirely travel based. I got creative in how to live my live with the current restrictions. I shared what was going on for me personally, not to bleed on my clients but to be vulnerable. I did whatever work I needed to do to be ok with myself and then shared the results once I was on the other side. For me, it was learning how to make my own cocktails and getting excited whenever I could wear on of my beautiful jackets on a video meeting.


  1. Engagement

Engagement is not posting on social media or blasting your audience with more offers. We are online more than ever now, so take the time to be present with the people you are privileged to have in your audience and interact. Reply thoughtfully to the comments you receive, take your audience under your wing and show them behind the scenes of what you do and ask for their advice.


  1. Practice speaking online

I had had years of practice speaking both online and live in-person events but zoom fatigue is real. For me what was helpful was making sure I had screen free time of reading physical books and going outside. Or just plain doing something with my hands. I also built my energetic presence where I would try to energetically connect to the people attending my workshops directly instead of “through” the screen. Sounds weird but try it.


  1. You are stronger than you think

Previously a lot of my work and income was based on others liking what I was doing or considered important. What I realized during this process that was most valuable is that it’s actually up to me. No one else is going to rescue my business or ask if I am ok. And they also don’t know what will work the best to adjust my business during this. I had to get quiet and stop following the outside world for instructions. I had to follow what I know.

Through using these proesses and taking the time to really hone in on my new business strategy I was able to bounce back to 5-figure months within a very short amount of time. You can use what you have, but also don’t be afraid to try something different. Today’s market is a playing field for new industry standards; you can either be a part of creating them or wait until they are put in place to figure them out.


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