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7 Skill Sets All Millennials Should Acquire in Order To Be Successful

7 Skill Sets All Millennials Should Acquire in Order To Be Successful

7 Skill Sets All Millennials Should Acquire in Order To Be Successful

Being thrust into the real world while finishing up college and heading to the workforce is a pretty daunting experience, but there are definitely some ways to make things easier. Acquiring some skill sets to help further yourself in the workplace, as well as just help you out in life in general, can make a huge difference. Here are seven skill sets you should know in order to be successful.

1. Learn How Your Finances Work

Sure, you’ve had your checking and savings account for a while, but budgeting is going to be necessary once things like rent, loan payments and utilities are piled on top of your normal spending. One of the best things to get in the habit of is tracking your monthly spending. Make sure you know where every single dollar is going.

Learn how to budget, pay off your credit card debt and make your credit score one to be proud of. These things matter a lot more than you think they do. If you’re still struggling with managing your finances, take a personal finance course online. It should tell you all you need to know.

2. Improve Your Communication Skills

Both verbal and written communication skills are extremely important, especially with the influence of the Internet. You probably use social media already but you need to learn to use it effectively. LinkedIn is great for job networking, but you also need to make sure you realize that potential employers look at your existing social media. Rethink posting those pictures from the weekend and maybe post a thoughtful article instead.

Look into what employers are looking for before you head into that big job interview. You’ll want to practice your answers and make sure they sound professional and eloquent. Don’t just wing it.

3. Become A Pro at Public Speaking

Public speaking is a common fear, but it’s something you need to get used to. Giving a great presentation is a great skill that not too many people can boast they have. It’s something that sets you above the rest.

Small things, such as making eye contact and being animated, can make a huge difference in the impact your presentation has. The audience wants to feel like you’re talking directly to them, so make sure they get that from you. If you rely on your slides too much, it’ll make them feel like you’re just reading to them rather than speaking to them.

4. Be Eager To Learn

With the constant changing of technology and the world around us, showing an eagerness to learn is crucial. If you want to continue furthering your knowledge and learning new things you’re going to be a better asset to a company—and just a more interesting person—than if you’re stuck in the same old routine.

5. Pick Up Another Language

The Internet has made the world a smaller place, and knowing another language is a great skill to have in this global economy. Free services like Duolingo make it super easy and convenient to learn a bunch of different languages. It’s a sure way to put you a step ahead.

6. Know How To Cook

You need to know at least a few healthy staples to get you through the ramen and TV dinners. You can’t live off of that stuff forever and making food saves you money if you’re ordering takeout often.

See if a local center or community college has any cooking classes available. Check out the local library for cookbooks for something specific you’re craving, or just a good beginner dish. When all else fails, the Internet has tutorial videos for you to follow. Bon Appétit!

7. Stay Positive

Above all else, keep your head up. There are definitely going to be times when things get overwhelming and discouraging but the way you deal with that shows a lot about you. Keeping a positive attitude makes you a pleasant person to be around and shows that you can handle whatever life throws your way. People will want you on their team!

Learning these things can make a huge difference for when you’re ready to take on the world. Work hard and make your dreams come true!



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  1. Great advice Kacey. I would add to this, it’s important to develop a business of your own on the side. Today there is no such thing as job security…the only security there is, is creating work for yourself.

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