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6 Tips For New Millennial Moms

6 Tips For New Millennial Moms

Raising a child in today’s world requires extra effort and patience. As most millennial moms have to work and provide for their families, spending time with children and raising them is the top priority. But, how do you juggle work and private life and ensure your kid will grow into a healthy adult? If you’re looking for the answer, here are some tips for new millennial moms that will ease the stress of raising a child and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

When you and your partner are home, you should feel comfortable taking a break and letting your partner be alone with the kid. As a millennial mom, you already know that work-related stress can affect your family life, which is why it’s essential to let off steam and enjoy some alone time when needed.

Emphasize affection with your kid

Establishing clear rules and teaching your children about boundaries can strengthen your relationship with them. However, keep in mind that children see the world through different eyes, which is why it’s vital to emphasize affection when establishing new rules or setting boundaries.

Yelling at your child can do more harm than good, so learn how to talk to your child and teach them how to respond to your boundaries or rules. If your child is still a baby, emphasize affection through physical touch. So, comfort your child if they’re crying and ensure all their needs are met.

Learn to say no

If you let your child do whatever they want, they won’t learn anything about healthy boundaries. Although it’s sometimes necessary to spoil your children, you should also learn to say no and not feel guilty about it. Trying to satisfy your child’s requests will affect their personal growth and lead to similar behaviour in the future.

Limiting screen time or not allowing your child to eat too many sweets is a great way to help them build strong character and show that they can’t get everything they want. Of course, your child won’t be happy about your choices, but they will indeed thank you in the future for taking good care of them.

Talk to your child

Children tend to mimic their parents’ behaviour. Likewise, the way you talk to them can affect their development. As a millennial mom, you must learn how to speak to your children and find new ways to explain new concepts or terms. Regular communication can also help your child develop a healthy range of emotions and find new coping mechanisms that will shape them into healthy and competent adults. In addition, talking to your children and allowing them to express their opinion will show them they matter.

Ensure all their physical needs are met

If your child is still a baby, it’s essential to keep them fed and warm at all times. Sleeping in quality baby clothes will improve their comfort and help them fall asleep faster. So whether you’re taking your baby out for a walk or preparing for bed, be sure to find clothes that fit your baby well.  When it comes to feeding your baby, try to go with breastfeeding at first. Of course, if you have the capability and desire to. This will not only benefit their health and make their immune system stronger, but it will also create a special bond between you and your baby.

Give the illusion of choice

Suppose your child is a toddler who needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. In that case, you need to give them the illusion of choice that will motivate them to change their habits and do things your way. For example, if they want a snack, you can ask them to choose between apples and carrots.

That way, they won’t feel like you’re forcing them to eat more fruits or veggies, but they’ll still make a decision that benefits them long term. Or, you can ask them whether they want to clean their room before or after showering. This form of communication teaches children about responsibilities, but it also allows them to gain a sense of control.


Taking care of a baby or a toddler can be daunting and tiring. But, as a parent, you need to be patient and find new approaches that will soothe your child and help them overcome new challenges as they grow. By establishing rules, respecting their boundaries and making the best choices for their wellbeing, you will manage to juggle work and private life and provide your child with unconditional love and support.


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