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6 Instagram Accounts Bookworms Need to Follow Now

6 instagram accounts bookworms need to follow

Being a bookworm is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

If you spend your Saturday night’s staying in and curling up with your favorite book. If you wander the aisles of your local bookstore and fill your arms with books you just have to purchase. If you update your Goodreads account more than your Facebook account. And if you are a member of at least three different book clubs. Then these six Instagram accounts are definitely meant for you to follow:


  1. @blueeyedbiblio

6 Instagram accounts bookworms need to follow now

Emily, the 18 year old reader and photographer behind @blueeyedbiblio has gained huge recognition by recently being featured in Seventeen Magazine, among other places. Her account has a following of over 112k and we can surely see why! Her pictures are simple, usually consisting of a couple books thrown on a bed or table with the addition of a coffee mug or laptop as extra props.


  1. @fictionnotfriends

6 Instagram accounts bookworms need to follow

The scenery that Talia, of @fictionnotfriends, often uses as a backdrop for her pictures of books, will inspire you to read while traveling or simply admiring beautiful places. Whether that may be in a garden, near water, or the London Eye, you’ll admire the sights around you, while also being transported to the realms in the novels you’re reading.


  1. @becauseofreading

6 instagram accounts bookworms need to follow

This account is a mix of book humor memes, short lines on what being a book lover means, as well as pictures of stacks of books. This is surely a popular approach, since @becauseofreading has over 232k followers after the nearly 900 pictures which have been posted thus far.


  1. @lottelikesbooks

6 instagram accounts bookworms need to follow

Shelf envy is an actual emotion you will feel as you scroll through her account. Her bookshelves are even color coordinated! It does not get any more beautiful or organized than that. It will definitely inspire you to stop using your books as coasters, assemble that Ikea shelf you bought months ago, and display your leather bounds for all to see.

Side note: one of my favorite aspects of her account is she posts monthly wrap-ups of all the books she read that month with a ranking next to them.


  1. @bookmarauder

6 instagram accounts bookworms need to follow now

Mara’s account is filled with her overflowing bookshelves, small stacks perfectly aligned, and book related little figurines photobombing her pictures adding an extra dose of cuteness. After scrolling through her pictures you will have endless suggestions of books you need to add to your list of books to read.


  1. @hotdudesreading

6 instagram accounts bookworms need to follow

This is definitely a fun, guilty pleasure Instagram account for the ladies to enjoy and laugh at. This account focuses on snapping pictures of mighty fine looking dudes while riding on public transportation and then posting the picture with a hilarious (and often naughty) caption. You will definitely enjoy these pictures popping up on your Instagram feed daily. You are guaranteed to double tap on every picture posted.

Follow any Instagram accounts you think fellow book lovers will enjoy? Share your favorites with us!



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