Austin is one of top cities for young professionals

6 Best Cities for Young Professionals in U.S.

If you’re a young professional looking for the next place to lay your roots, it can seem like there’s a lot on the menu. While staying in your hometown could drag you down, New York City prices are terrifying, to say the least.

You’ll want to make smart, sound decisions that still offer a little kick of adventure. Finding a moderately sized city that matches your personality and needs can let you thrive in a community that suits you.

There are plenty of cities around the U.S. that offer awesome environments for young people to succeed professionally and personally — it’s all about picking your chosen destination.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin has been lovingly dubbed the hipster city of Texas, and it’s easy to see why. With its thriving music, art and food scenes, you’ll never be without something cool to do. Beyond that, Austin is home to major companies such as Amazon, Google and Adobe, so if you’re a tech person, this city could be a great future home for you. Austin also boasts a lower crime rate and monthly rent compared to other major cities.

2. Tampa, Florida

Who wouldn’t want to move to the sunshine state? Tampa is a great city for young professionals, with plenty of cost-friendly homes and apartments for young families, diverse employment opportunities and fun things to do. From the beaches to downtown, Tampa could be the city to warm your heart.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Your life certainly won’t lack in Southern charm if you move to Raleigh. This quiet city is perfect for young professionals, especially those looking for jobs in STEM and finance. With affordable housing prices and career opportunities in some booming industries, Raleigh is a great place to settle down.

4. Arlington, Virginia

Located just outside of Washington, D.C, Arlington is a sweet spot for many young professionals. If you work in politics, government or public relations, there are plenty of jobs for you, whether you commute into D.C. or work locally. Arlington is affordable, young and diverse, making it the perfect place to check out for your next digs.

5. San Diego, California

Southern California’s laid-back, surf-and-skate utopia is also a popular spot for young professionals. Yes, the prices are of the California variety, but they’re far from Los Angeles or San Fransisco level. San Diego is a remarkably young city, with half of its population under 35, which offers the opportunity to build your thriving community. Job availability spans from tech to creative industries, so if you’re looking to kick it in Cali, you might want to check it out.

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a chill city in western Pennsylvania with affordable housing and a thriving population of young professionals. With its mix of urban and suburban environments, Pittsburgh offers a taste of everything and might just be the perfectly balanced city you’re looking for.

Finding a Place to Call Home

Finding a city you love can be a challenge, but it can also be a fun adventure. The area you spend your younger years in doesn’t have to be your forever home, and there’s a world of possibilities out there. All you have to do is decide where your life will lead you.


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