5 brands that are crushing their social media game during this crisis

5 Brands That Are Crushing Their Social Media Game During This Crisis

COVID-19 has been an acid test for marketing teams – should you stay quiet on social media, continue with the plan meant for this year or talk about the situation?

With all the previously set goals for the year upended, some brands have been rather quick to cope when it comes to social. Let’s take a look at 5 brands that are crushing it on social media during this crisis and what you can learn from them:

Innocent Drinks

The beverages company is being smart with its social media – the brand is maintaining its witty tone and staying at the fore of customers’ minds.

At a time when parents are worried about how to keep their kids busy, Innocent Drinks decided to make things easier for them by giving away Big Grow seed kits. It also partnered up to raise money for Age UK and gave away knitting kits.

But that’s not all – the brand collaborated with Wasabi UK as well to give away free drinks with meals to the NHS staff. Of course, its social channels have talked about all of this along with giving daily reminders of what day it is since most of us are not following our calendars.


innocent drinks brand



  • Stay relevant to your brand voice and the situation
  • Be empathetic and conduct giveaways to keep people busy (and onboard)
  • Help a noble cause by raising money (and win hearts)


We’re all hunkering down at home, some busy with office work while others are occupied with school assignments. Considering this massive change in routine, Coursera is offering free resources. These can help those studying and those who are at leisure or newly unemployed to learn a new skill.

Not only can people access scores of courses free of charge, they can also check out community discussions and expert interviews.



Furthermore, the online platform is also sharing uplifting stories of people and how they’re holding up in this tough time. Coursera is open to the ideas, and questions of its audience on social as well to connect with it better and address its concerns in this depressing phase.


  • Adapt to the current situation and offer more
  • Stay top of mind by sharing tips, experiences, and learnings of common people


While for other brands, people spending less and staying at home is likely to result in business losses, this is not the scenario for Netflix. If anything, everyone is more glued to the streaming service with not much else to do.

In the early weeks when countries around the world started imposing lockdowns, people were worried about the release of upcoming movies and TV shows. Among the first few questions, one that was asked was, ‘will Money Heist SO4 come out on April 4, or will its release be pushed forward?’

Keeping its promise, so far Netflix has followed the plan it had put forward and is keeping people entertained. But it is also not acting tone-deaf; the app is creating content relevant to quarantine. It is having celebrities like Noah Centineo and Alisha Boe come on IG live to talk with experts about quarantine life discussing a wide range of topics including mental health, self-care, and more.





  • Continue entertaining people while they’re at home
  • Address the situation and give people tips from experts


If you’re following Poo-Pourri on social media, then you’d be aware that the brand has left no stones unturned in supporting its audience in this time. In April, the toilet spray company added a new member to its caboodle – hand sanitizer.

It’s also sharing funny videos relevant to its brand that cover life in quarantine. Some of its videos on Facebook include a message that children have for their parents during this lockdown and creative toilet paper alternatives.

The founder of the brand, Suzy Batiz, also conducted a digital summit with other biz women on how to stay okay in these times.




  • Keep people entertained yet informed
  • Add a new quarantine relevant product and market it (if it applies to your business)
  • Channel positive vibes (share positive or fun aspects of the lockdown)

Frank And Oak

This clothing brand is also making sure that it makes no compromise in doing its social media marketing right. In its Instagram story highlights, Frank and Oak has shared glimpses of life at home.

It has also collaborated with experts to do IG live videos on how to workout and do other stuff such as cooking and painting indoors. Moreover, the company has a tutorial on how people can make their own masks at home and shared stay safe essentials as well.



Along with this, it has shared a glimpse of its teammates at work in their homes. In fact, just a look at its social media channels clearly shows how much Frank and Oak is talking about the current situation and that too, in all the right ways.


  • Talk about the pandemic or quarantine life
  • Give a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes for your team at home
  • Use features likes stories and videos to share ideas on how people can spend time during the lockdown

Wrap up thoughts

Keeping mum about this global shift is only going to hurt your brand. Considering how big the impact of this pandemic is on everyone’s lives, your business should address it. However, it is key to stay consistent with your biz in terms of any new products and resources you offer.

Also, make sure you don’t deviate from your brand voice while talking about the COVID-19 situation. Even if your customers don’t buy from you at the moment, good social media marketing measures will be memorable and keep your seat warm for you.


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