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4 Tips for Millennial Home Design in 2021

4 Tips for Millennial Home Design in 2021

Millennial home design isn’t all that different from standard home designing, but it does come with a bit of extra maneuvering and personalization. Plenty of millennials are still young and figuring it out, while others are more established, but quite in touch with their personal style. Since millennials have been buying homes and moving out a little later than other generations, it simply means that you may have had a bit of extra time to develop your style and decide what you truly want.

However, even with a bit of extra time for your style to simmer, you may be on the hunt for some tips to handle the practical side of things. Even the practical side of design, though, has gotten a bit more with the times since your parents donned their favorite decor. If you’re on the hunt for some current, modern, practical tips for home design in 2021, you’re in luck. Here are just a few.

1.   Frame It!

When it comes to the art itself, you can get truly personal — there’s something special about finding art you love and decorating your home with it. Whether you have movie posters, homemade crafts, designs from friends or even work from independent artists, framing your art can bring an entire level of sophistication to your space. This doesn’t mean the art itself needs to change — on the contrary, framing can bring a bit of adulthood to any of your favorite pieces. Stylish design shouldn’t have to involve giving up your personal taste.

2.   Add Some Color

It’s 2021, and there’s no reason to fear color anymore. While design sophistication has often been conservative with color use, why restrict if you love it? Whether you add a pop of something bold, go for a monochrome look or employ some bohemian rainbows, you can choose your own color palette and direction. Pops like painting your front door or adding an accent wall can be fantastic ways to express your creativity.

3.   Going Casual

While many homes of the past have been big on formality, who says yours needs to be? You have the option to choose function — or fun — over the traditional, and the idea is totally worth exploring. For example, formal sitting rooms and dining rooms have been on the outs for many years now, often to make room for home offices or playrooms. If you have another use for extra space, why not try it out?

4.   Building in Storage

Many millennials don’t face the issue of excess space, but tend to have smaller spaces to work with instead. When this is the case, stylish storage is one of the best ways to hit two birds with one stone. Solutions like wall shelving, storage benches and hidden storage can work wonders to give you a little more room to breathe.

Millennial Style in 2021

Style is always changing and evolving. While millennials can still find the same level of sophistication in their decor, they also can branch out and find their own unique ways of doing things. Are you a millennial? Do you agree with these tips?


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