Let's All Fail at Something Today

Fearing Failure

After spending the last six months networking with, learning from, and filming female entrepreneurs for my documentary film “Dream, Girl”, I have come to one conclusion about being a great leader. You can’t be afraid to fail. There are so many moments in life where we take a back seat. Maybe you are scared of what will happen if things go wrong. Maybe you are worried about what people will think of you if you put your ideas out there. Make no mistake, the female entrepreneurs “Dream, Girl” focuses on and all the other women out there who are starting their own companies didn’t blindly jump off the high dive on their first day on the job. They started by making small risks and pushing their limits, brick by brick.

Fear is something that can easily distract, discourage, and drive you back to your comfort zone. However, you’re hardly ever learning or growing when you are comfortable. Tiny acts of bravery build up our endurance for bigger tasks and harder challenges. As millennials, we know our perspectives, tech savvy-abilities, and desire something for more than the daily drudgery of a 9 to 5 always work to propel us towards something greater. But sometimes that thing you are yearning for might not exist. Maybe to fully realize it, you’re going to have to build for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take the first step and write, paint, code, or film your way to failure. Every step you take pushes you toward something greater.

The women I interviewed for “Dream, Girl” struggled to build their businesses in the early days, engineering products, cooking up recipes, and writing business plans that they didn’t always nail the first time. But they kept working at it, they kept learning, and they kept putting themselves out there to get better because that’s what they were passionate about. That passion kept them going.

Now it’s time for me to take my own advice and put myself out there. Producing “Dream, Girl” is the biggest risk I have taken professionally, personally, and creatively. It’s a project I care deeply about and have put everything in my life on hold to produce because my passion is to tell stories, especially ones that need to be heard. Stories of dedicated, driven women that put it all on the line for their dreams. Stories that the mainstream media is all too willing to ignore most of the time. There is a whole different side of the entrepreneurial coin we haven’t seen yet, and I am ready to show it to you. These stories will redefine what it means to be a boss, but don’t take my word for it. Check out our trailer here!

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About Erin Bagwell

Erin Bagwell is the Founder of Feminist Wednesday and the Executive Producer of Dream, Girl- the documentary redefining what it means to be a boss by interviewing female entrepreneurs and CEOs. Her kickstarter is live now! You can view our official film trailer & donate to the film’s production here! Chat with Erin about women in leadership, feminism, and startup culture on twitter at @erinebagwell.

3 thoughts on “Let's All Fail at Something Today

  1. Avatar Erika says:

    Very true article, I look forward to your documentary it sounds like it will be a great source of inspiration, especialy for women like myself that are in the early phase of starting a business

  2. Avatar Dana Wendt says:

    This documentary is SO important. Our girls need to know that failing will make them stronger and better. Failure does not mean to give up… It means you have to keep trying harder. Believe in yourself. Be brave and get back up. I am so excited for this documentary.

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