How to Deal with Brand Damage

4.9 million barrels of oil (205.8 million gallons) leaked from the Deepwater Horizon well, about half the amount of crude oil the U.S. imports per day because of BP. The damage to the brand was catastrophic and resulted in a major loss of revenue. While your brand damage may not be as bad, it’s an […]

How Millennials Can Win BIG with Branding

For years, Larry Linne and I ran “Rookie Training Camp”. This was a live course developed for Millennial sales people new to the business world – specifically Insurance. Most participants were still in their first 6 months with their agency; we even had one guy who said, “I don’t even know where my desk is […]

Connect Four – Your Personal Branding Roadmap

For almost 10 years I’ve been researching, consulting on, building for myself, employees and clients, and even published a book on personal branding. In my last post for Chelsea I touched on what a brand is and how to take control of it before everyone else does. As I began writing this post, I thought […]

The Best Personal Brands Aren’t Lucky

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and as a nod to my partial Irish heritage, I want to address what it takes to build a truly remarkable personal brand by focusing on what it takes to be great, not lucky. The concepts around personal branding have gained a lot of momentum recently, and for good […]