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4 Questions Every Millennial Must Ask Themselves


Millennials are an evolving generation. We are continuously finding ways to improve our lives and the world around us. As we continue to start businesses, write blogs, and share worthy projects, it is vital that we stop and ask ourselves these 4 questions. With these questions, you can ensure that you are consciously living in a way that changes the world for the better.

1. Do I know how to make my own money?

Total freedom is knowing that if you lost all of your money today, you could make it all back tomorrow. Without the knowledge of how to make your own money, you remain crippled by fear, ignorance and helplessness. We no longer live in an age where women want to stay home for the entirety of their lives, washing dishes and raising babies. All people, both men and women, desire to have a purpose beyond the confines of their home. You must learn to make your own money if you desire to experience freedom in your life.

2. Am I willing to do what is required to have a child and have a life?

If you are even considering having a child with your spouse, or just having unprotected sex, you absolutely must ask yourself this question. Having a child isn’t just about loving a baby– it is about raising a human being by showing them how to live a good life. That means must show your child the kind of life you hope he or she will lead. This is no easy question, but it is absolutely necessary for you to think long and hard about it before you bring a child into the world. In order for your child to live a good life, you absolutely must live one yourself.

3. What can I do better than anyone else?

In order to thrive, or even just survive in today’s working world, you must know what you can do better than anyone else. Whether it’s a personality trait or an actual act you complete, what can you do that absolutely no one else can (or is willing to) do?

It is no easy task to answer this question, that is, without help. It is, however, the most powerful discovery you can make – when you actually know what you can do better than anyone else, you easily become the best in your work.

4. What is one thing I can do today that will significantly improve the quality of my life?

Millennials are brilliant at evolving. We have begun to realize that we are not machines, we are living systems, and living systems change every moment.

However, change requires our acting in a different way than we did the day before. We must consciously ask ourselves what we can do better today than we did yesterday, and we must act in accordance with the answer.

What other questions have you asked yourself, that in doing so, changed your life for the better? Post them here for us all to enjoy and evolve.

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  1. Amen, Stephanie! I think, however, that “giving up on your dreams” is something we learned from our parents. I sense a new kind of parenting from our generation, one that explores the world and continues building our own dreams with our children involved. Do you think that’s possible?

    Thanks for reading. XO Amanda

  2. I think another thing that’s important to ask yourself is whether the financial and career advice you’re receiving from your elders — parents, grandparents, and the like — is advice that’s still relevant. Much of it will be, of course, and there’s a lot to learn from people with more experience than you.

    But the world has also changed drastically over the course of the last generation. Your dad who worked for the same company for 40 years likely wants you to do the same, but those kinds of career tracks are becoming rarer and rarer. Millenials often find themselves forced to pursue newer, less traditional methods of earning a living.

  3. I think a good question is “Do you know what your goals are in life and how to go about achieving them?” Everyone needs to have a game plan. If you don’t know what you’re working towards in life, you’re stuck in one spot. You should never stop chasing your dreams. Even if you’ve fulfilled one dream, move on to another.

    1. I love that, Dana! We all definitely need a game plan for what we really want to achieve, and what we are going to do every day in order to make that happen. Great question for us all!

      Thanks for reading!

      XO Amanda

  4. I know this is quite a few months past but it is very relevant to me. #3 is the one that gets me…figuring out what I have to offer that no one else is willing to offer or push themselves to do. I think sometimes, it’s just taking the chance that most people don’t….Relevant, quick article that accurately articulates where our generation lies right now.

  5. In the relationship with our own spirit and personality will we be and “feel” complete complete. Success is a what we achieve when we express from our natural nature. This nature is sacred and strong. Nurtured by self love in conscious thought every day. Your intuition will be the inner compass to career, parenting and the choices and challenges of life personally,professionally and globally.
    Beth Lynch

  6. For #4, smart saving can really give you piece of mind and allow you to live your life to the fullest without being as tied down by financial woes and worries (incidentally, this may help you figure out #2, as well!). All great points though, for helping quarter-life crises-ers figure out how to get their lives on the trajectory they want.

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