3 Ways The Pandemic Changes Your Traditional Personal Finance Advice

3 Ways The Pandemic Changes Your Traditional Personal Finance Advice

I saved 15-percent by switching to pandemic. In the past, I’d be happy to save any money, any way possible. After literally living through lockdown, I’ve learned the real value of money. You can always make more money. You can never make more time. Here’s how the pandemic has changed traditional personal finance advice. Memories […]

Top 5 Questions I’m Asked As A Millennial Financial Advisor

Top 5 Questions I'm Asked As A Millennial Financial Advisor

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet Buffet is the master of money metaphors. I like this quote because it sums up the importance of creating a financial plan. But knowing why a financial plan is important, and knowing how to create one […]

How To Start Investing (Even If You Don’t Have Much Money)

how to invest

Many young people are nervous to start investing, even though they know it’s important. With interest rates on most savings accounts below 1%, it’s clear that your money won’t grow if you just leave it in your bank account. However, many of us came of age during, or shortly after, the financial crash of 2008, […]

Why Millennials Should Root For A Market Crash

Stock market crash

Let me ask you a couple of questions: Do you like to shop when things are full price or when they’re on sale? Are you more excited to hear that something you want is 50% off, or that it’s more expensive than it’s ever been? I think we all know the answers. So why should […]

Don’t Understand Stocks? Invest Anyway (and Learn Later)

Investing in stocks

  We’ve discussed why millennials shouldn’t be scared of stocks. Hopefully, many of you were encouraged by the fact that historically, the stock market works like Newton’s law of gravity but in reverse: what goes down inevitably comes back up. This means that while stocks do fluctuate and can be volatile, sharp declines are followed […]

Scared of Stocks? You Need a History Lesson

Many millennials have been scared off investing in the stock market due to the 2008 crash that sparked the Great Recession. Markets bottomed out and investors lost money. The worst affected were the people who panicked and pulled money out when stocks were at their lowest points – and consequently missed the market’s rise back […]