Keys To Managing Risks as an Entrepreneur

  Image Source: Unsplash When someone decides to pursue entrepreneurship, they understand risk-taking comes with the territory. More often than not, you’re putting your career trajectory, financial future and mental well-being on the line in order to pursue your dream of running your own business. Just as risk-taking is synonymous with entrepreneurship, so is courage. […]

5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid As A First-Time Entrepreneur


Many people today want to start their own small business. These startups spring up fast and die even faster. The reason for such a phenomenon is that most beginner entrepreneurs don’t know how to start and maintain a business. They keep on making mistakes even in the easiest of situations. This, in turn, leads to […]

The Joy Of Not Getting Your Dream Job

Rejection leads to entrepreneurship

So there I was, crying uncontrollably in a dimly lit McDonalds, in an airport in middle-America.   “I have no plan. I have no future,” I thought.   Rewind to a few weeks earlier.   I’m in the office of the Oprah Winfrey Network (pre: launch) for a job interview.   The receptionist was cheery, […]