The future is bright, Lets Work!

JJ” Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s business program Your Business:
Chelsea was a delight of a guest. She not only provided useful and insightful information for our audience of business decision makers desperate to understand the millennial mindset, but she also delivered it well for a TV audience. The feedback we got following her segment was a testimony to how much our viewers learned from her.
Jordan D. Clark, Vice President of Sales Caesars Entertainment:
My customers are event professionals, one of the hardest groups of people to impress. Providing an amazing program for 200 of your customers who have seen just about everything is a daunting task. If it doesn’t go well, the ramifications are immense. Choosing the right speaker, of course, is the critical piece. Chelsea delivered, plain and simple. Easy to work with, professional, prepared, relevant and her positive energy is contagious. If you’re looking for a big win and a sure thing, look no further!

Meagan Bickerstaff, Founder INKWAVE Agency:
“Chelsea was an absolute pleasure to work with on the Fin campaign, she was creative, efficient and very personable. The #MillenialTalk Twitter Chat was the most impressive aspect of the campaign as it delivered fantastic results for our client. I would highly recommend Chelsea as an influencer and/or consultant for social strategy.”

Natalie Moss Gooden, Executive Director MillennialWeek:
Chelsea is what the Millennial entrepreneur values most: authentic, relatable and inspiring. We had the pleasure of having her speak at our UnConference during Millennial Week DC 2016. Chelsea kept the audience engaged, entertained and excited, which was reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received.
Ken DePasquale, Business Consultant & Restaurateur:
Chelsea Krost hit the nail squarely on the head with the marketing analysis and recommendations she made to Burger 21 International…….accurate, cogent, and forward thinking. She (or your firm) provided mission clarity and a specific plan to achieve the marketing objectives. I would describe Chelsea as highly effective. Without question, she is an American superstar and will reach iconic status in her career.
Joe Martin aka “Godfather of the Adobe Digital Index” Head of Social Insights at Adobe:
As a participant of #MllennialTalk Twitter Chat, I was impressed with the organization and poise of Chelsea. She provided a great experience as a host and provided knowledgeable answers to the questions we discussed. I’ve enjoyed working with Chelsea on #MillennialTalk and in other capacities and am always impressed with the brand she has built and the way that she carries herself. She is a joy to work with and be peers within the influencer space.
Shanay Miles:
Chelsea Krost is phenomenal! Over the past few months I have been engaging in Millennial talk tweet sessions. The topics are extremely relevant about things important to us millennials. I contribute, learn, and gain perspective from established professionals, other entrepreneurs, and the upcoming work force.I also had an opportunity to meet Chelsea at Millennial Week in Washington, D.C. She was personable, professional and surprisingly open about her entrepreneurial journey. She even shared business startup tips and emphasized the importance of establishing a foundation with which to build layers upon. I highly recommend following Chelsea and attending some of her seminars and webinars if you can.The platform she’s created gives a much needed voice to Millennials and helps others understand our generation. She’s an inspiration and bridge builder for all.
Marisa Hughes, LCSW, Intuitive Trauma Healer:
Chelsea is a born entrepreneur. She is talented beyond words and has a knack for helping those she works with to truly connect with their own entrepreneurial strength. Chelsea has given me the confidence to take my career from a corporate/agency setting into the entrepreneurial space, where my abilities could truly shine. She taught me how to use social media to build a network of valued followers, create a brand that aligns with my mission, and speak to my target audience seamlessly. Chelsea empowered me to manage my own business strategy and gave me the tools to handle every detail myself. She helped me create a content calendar that supports my goals and enables me to feel in control of my business rather than it controlling me. The biggest gift Chelsea has given me is the ability to work smart, through efficient and purposeful strategy. If you have the opportunity to work with Chelsea, take it! You, your business, and your clients will be grateful that you did!
Cheryl Montalvo, Insite Media Network, Huff Post, Thrive, Fusion Contributor:
Chelsea Krost is truly a forced to be reckoned with! She is an engaging, intelligent and a well-versed expert on all things Millennial. Interviewing her at Millennial Week 2016 was an absolute pleasure; her ease on camera is impeccable.