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How to Master the Art of Personal Branding

  Tuesday, August 29th at 8 PM ET, we’re speaking with Ryan Erskine @RyanErsk and Brandon Hatcher @_brandonhatcher about  “How to Master the Art of Personal Branding”. Ryan Erskine is a Senior Brand Strategist at BrandYourself and a leading expert in personal branding and online reputation management. He empowers individuals and businesses to develop their personal and...

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Millennials Are Insuring Things, Not Themselves (And Why That’s A Mistake)

  One of the best ways for businesses to strategize in modern society is to look into what millennials want and what they're going to buy. The millennial generation is one of the largest in the market, and their needs drive big business to make moves that sway their way. This...

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3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have a Niche In Your Business

What is a niche? A niche is a specialism that caters to a certain market or group of people. If we relate this to business the oxford dictionary definition is as follows “A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.” For example, if we...

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What You Should Know Before You Launch an International Job Search

Though it may not feel like it under the current political climate, the world continues to rapidly globalize. Every year, underdeveloped countries join the ranks of developing and developed ones, and as they do, they enter and become intertwined in the world economy. For entrepreneurs and companies, these developing...

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