About Julia Jornsay-Silverberg

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg is a marketing professional based in Buffalo, NY. When she isn’t blogging or doing social media marketing for Buffalo Niagara Partnership, she enjoys volunteering as the Marketing Director for The Senase Project, a nonprofit organization focused on eradicating poverty through community development. A graduate of the University at Buffalo, Julia received both her B.S and M.B.A with a concentration in marketing in 2012. Find her online at: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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Managing Millennials: Three Common Mistakes

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a young professional in their 20’s. The mid/late 20’s is a hard time for young professionals. It is that unknown, in-between phase in your career where you’ve learned too much to settle for an entry-level position but you know you aren’t yet deserving...

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