About Haley Stevens

Haley Stevens is an urban innovator and policy wonk currently working for the Mayor of Louisville, KY running point on an economic growth initiative. She previously served in President Obama’s Administration working on a host of economic policy issues pertaining to state and city economic growth and the revitalization of U.S. manufacturing, notably the U.S. auto restructuring. Having worked many presidential and state-wide campaigns, Haley has a refined experience in electoral politics. She holds a Masters in Philosophy and Social Policy and Bachelors in Political Science and Philosophy, both from American University.

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Minimum Wage & Student Loan Debt, Getting Smart about the policies and the options that affect you

Today, given the stymying infighting and lack of cooperation, our nation’s capitol appears stuck in paralysis more so than capable of effective policy making. The expectation that the amelioration of pressing political issues affecting millennials (low wages, massive student loan debt, chronically high unemployment), may seem a naïve or...

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