Business Workflow Automation 101: What Are the Basics?

Business workflow refers to the series of tasks that are performed during a workday. When technology is employed to carry out these tasks automatically, we can say that the workflow is automized. Modern, cutting-edge computer technology allows for practically effortless automation of numerous business activities, which comes with some major perks. Automating a business can, […]

7 Steps I Took to Pivot My business During Covid-19

Pivot your business

The word ‘pivot’ is in overuse right now, but necessary. Whenever drastic worldwide changes ensue, you can either choose to adapt or to fall behind. My pre-covid-19 reality entailed gallivanting around the world from city to city putting on life-changing workshops. This now doesn’t exist. I realized pretty quickly that I would need to change […]

7 Ways To Work Effectively From Home

7 tips to work effectively from home

Working from home has many benefits, but it also brings the lure of procrastination. Whatever type of job or industry you are in, working from home will require discipline to make sure that you are being productive and staying on top of your workload. Here are 7 top tips to help you make remote working […]