Millennials are an economic force!

With $200B in annual buying power, smart marketers know they need to ditch traditional methods and use new channels to capture this generation.

The average person spends 100 minutes on social media every single day and in 2016 ad blocker users increased from 69.8 million to 86.6 million internet users.These two factors alone have truly created a monumental shift in the marketing space and a demand for us to start thinking digital and social primarily.

Where I Can Help

  • Marketing Tactics That Will Ignite Millennial Engagement
  • Branding & Messaging (Audience Segmentation)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Campaign Rollouts
  • Events: Keynotes, Influencer Panel, Video Production
  • Traditional Broadcast & Digital Programing
  • Public Relations

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