How NOT to Lose Your Main Gig While Creating Your Own Side Hustle

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about side hustling and how everyone is doing it. Have you jumped on the side-hustle bandwagon yet? If not, you really should get moving, because thanks to the internet, creating ancillary income from a side gig has become easier than ever. Now if you’re like most people, […]

Let the Market Decide: 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Worry About Competition.

By and large Millennials have embraced entrepreneurship, haven’t we? According to a recent study by Bentley University, the career goal of 66% of Millennials surveyed is to start their own businesses. Everywhere you look there are examples of this phenomenon with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg acting as the ultimate poster child for Millennial entrepreneurial prowess and […]

Why the Future Will Belong to the Millennial Introvert

So here’s a question for you:  which economy are we in?  The Attention Economy? The Knowledge Economy?  The Trust Economy?  It totally seems to change depending on who’s talking, and I can’t quite keep up.  Now, I’m no Ben Bernanke, but I’m actually willing to wager that instead of existing in any of those economies […]

A Necessary Evil: Personal Branding for Career-Minded Introverts

Gone are the days when career development simply consisted of visiting the Career Services Center at your university and taking an assessment to figure out what type of work you are best suited for.  Selling yourself in today’s job market has evolved far beyond that to include a variety of factors that, if neglected, can […]