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Tips All Millennial Home Owners Should Consider

Tips All Millennial Home Owners Should Consider

Now that you’ve taken the leap and purchased your first home, you probably want to decorate, furnish and update it so it first you perfectly, right? That’s a good idea, and it will ensure you get a lot of use out of your home for the years to come, but there is something you probably haven’t considered. Automation. You live in a technology-centered and fast-paced society, why not make it work for you?

Why Home Automation Systems?

Home automation systems make life easier. They take tasks that would normally be difficult and time consuming and transform them into something you can do with the touch of a button or two and even without thought in some cases.

Additionally, as a first time home owner, you may not be in the habit of doing certain tasks and could greatly benefit from being able to program and automate systems in your home. You lead a busy life, so anything you can do to take a little responsibility off of your plate is ideal.

There are many options for home automation systems, and you can implement any number you like to make life easier and more convenient. Some systems are more essential to your daily activities than other, however. For example, if you have a garage, you probably don’t want to have to manually open and close the garage door every time you enter and exit the garage now do you?

If you have a manual-opening garage door, consider replacing it with an electric one. Then take time to program the opener. Programming a garage door opener will give you the ease of touching a button from inside of your car and driving in or out of your garage.

Other systems for your home vary from security systems to lighting and can even help you conserve energy and save money.

Remote Controlled Thermostat

You can install a thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of your home from your computer, tablet or phone. Programmable thermostats already save energy, but smart thermostats take it a step further by allowing you to remotely program and adjust the temperature from wherever you are. Some thermostats have motion sensors and can switch to energy conservation mode when there is no one home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting options have really advanced in the last year or two and the market has expanded to include many popular manufacturers. When you install smart light bulbs in your home, you can control the lights from your tablet or phone to change the color and intensity of the light.

You can integrate smart lighting with home automation hubs and other smart devices to schedule when the lights will come on and turn off and program the lights to react to motion, security alerts or time of day.

Smart Connected Locks

Do you hate fumbling for your keys in the dark as you try to get into your home at night? How about shifting everything you’re carrying to one arm so you can ninja-wield your key and get the door open? Yeah, you don’t have time for that anymore.

Smart locks allow you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock doors. Some models even let you use voice commands or smart home hubs to unlock the doors with ease. There are models that are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled so you can unlock the front door before you even get out of your car just with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Cleaning Robots

Instead of having to bring out the vacuum cleaner and lug it up and down the stairs weekly to be sure that your home stays clean, why not automate that task as well? Robotic vacuums aren’t a new idea, but they have come a long way since their creation a few years ago. Robotic vacuums are expensive, but so are upright manual vacuums if you want one that is capable of really cleaning your home well.

You can purchase a robotic vacuum and set it up so it learns the layout of your home and then simply turn it on as you are walking out the door for work. Some of the newer models connect to your home network so you can remotely control them from your smartphone when you’re not even home. This is a great option if you forget to turn it on while you’re rushing out the door.

These are just some of the home automation systems you can use to save time, energy and money throughout the year. Some do require a pricey investment, but the trouble they save you may just be worth the price. Remember that some automation systems will also save you money, such as smart thermostats, so consider all of these factors when you are in researching your next automation system to purchase for your new home.

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