Being in Peru was like opening a textbook full of history, nature, spiritual enlightenment, and culture.
I wanted to learn and soak up everything it had to offer. Along with my missionary work visiting schools and the children in the Andes Mountains, and passing out “U” by Kotex products to the young women, I also learned so much about myself. From the minute I stepped off the plane, I felt as if I was not only transported to another country outside of my New York address, I was in a wondrous new world altogether.

Instead of yellow taxicabs, pretzel cart stations, skyscrapers, and people in a hurry, I was observing endless mountain ranges, and native men and women all dressed in magnificently textured and vibrant clothing.

Peru was truly a wake up call to your five senses; a wonderland full of beauty and a psychedelic combination of nature, culture, and enlightenment.