On June 27th, 2011
Chelsea Krost embarked on a journey into Joplin, Missouri for CBS and Fox News affiliates. Chelsea chronicled the aftermath of the tornadoes that devastated America’s heartland in 2011, interviewing the people who lived to tell of their harrowing experiences and shedding light on the rebuilding process.

The American Red Cross created partnership with Chelsea in Joplin where she experienced the day in the life of a volunteer patrolling in a Red Cross vehicle with a camera in hand.

Chelsea stated, “I have seen the needs of people in impoverished countries during my missionary trips to Africa and Peru, now it is important for me to continue to bring the devastation in Joplin to the forefront of America’s consciousness so that we don’t forget about these people in dire need and continue to help.” She attended several of the local middle schools speak to the young students who had lost their homes, loved ones, and were still shaken from the storm. Chelsea’s goal was to lift the student’s spirits and share her book with everyone for a source of comfort.

Other rescue efforts featured included Freeman Health Systems who took on an additional 500 patient overflow from St. John’s Hospital, which was destroyed in the tornado.
Chelsea interviewed the doctors who performed twenty-two life-saving surgeries that night.

Chelsea also attended the Joplin’s Humane Society adopt-a-thon where over 1200 animals misplaced by the storm.