Add Extra Flare to Your Home With These 5 Accessories

Chances are, the house or apartment you live in lacks a bit of character. Sure, there are homes with ornate woodwork, stone fireplaces and stained-glass windows, but the majority share the same neutral palette that you’re left to personalize.

If you’re not a natural designer, this can, therefore, be quite the challenge.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a list of the five accessories to pick up in order to make your home stand out. They can make your space look fancier and more finished with a bit of flair, but, most importantly, they’ll give it a personal touch.

1. Hang a Mirror

Paintings add color to a space and are certainly viable candidates when it comes to personalizing a room. However, a mirror can do double-duty. Choose one with a fanciful frame and you’ve added a punch of decorative flair.

But you can also place a mirror so that it reflects natural light that streams into your space. This natural light makes the room brighter and somehow tricks the eye into registering the room as larger than it is. Now, if that’s not going to make your place feel even fancier, we don’t know what is.

2. Frame the Bed

On a similar note, you never want to leave your bed unframed. No matter how detailed and fluffy the duvet and pillows are, it all ends up looking a bit unfinished without a headboard behind it.

Some headboards have seriously hefty price tags, but you’ll find plenty of options that cost just about the same as a nice accessory piece. And, if you’re really looking to slash your bottom line, roll up your sleeves and make your own. There are countless online tutorials that guide you through the process of building a tufted fabric headboard, a reclaimed wooden headboard… Find one that suits your décor scheme and go to town.

3. Seat an Accent Chair

No matter how much you love your sofa, it shouldn’t stand alone. Instead, search for a new accent chair that’s just that: an accent. Just like headboards, accent chairs can come in an endless array of fabrics with finishing touches that make them unique. A tufted leather recliner will make things look upscale and traditional, while a bright floral fabric will brighten and freshen the entire space. Bonus points if you add coordinating throw pillows to your beloved sofa.

4. Dress Up Your Windows

Once they’re blocked by blinds, windows are often a forgotten part of the décor scheme. This is a huge mistake, but also an easy fix and one that will add serious drama to any space.

For the highest impact, pick up curtains that reach from the top of the window frame to the floor. Even if your windows stop at waist level, the ceiling-to-floor fabric will make quite an impactful, upscale statement. And, because curtains are often tasseled or otherwise held back at the sides of windows, you don’t have to worry about that space-enhancing natural light.

5. Finish With New Knobs

You probably don’t pay much notice to the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs in your kitchen or bathroom, but it’s time you do. Seriously: count them right now. There are lots, and, despite their size, you can make a big impact by removing and replacing them.

Make your life easier by choosing similarly shaped pulls and knobs that’ll fit into the holes already drilled into your cabinets. You should also try and coordinate the color and style of your cabinets with the proper hardware. Other than that, it’s an easy task with a big payout.

Go Forth With Flair

Now you have a handful of ideas that will easily update your home or apartment with a bit of your personal style. Once you do, you’ll find there’s not much better than a house that feels like home, a space that represents your style and the life you are going to lead there.  

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